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Thousands of U.S. based businesses rely on Clearstream for their SMS marketing and communications

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Real-time Analytics

Track the performance of your SMS marketing campaigns. View live performance metrics like delivery rates, message replies, link clicks, and opt-outs.

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Robust API

Extend your application's text messaging functionality with our powerful REST API and webhooks. View documentation.

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Legal Compliance

With Clearstream, you can rest assured that your SMS campaign will be in full TCPA and wireless carrier compliance and adhere to current CTIA and MMA guidelines.

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Dedicated Shortcode Provisioning / Connectivity

For brands/companies looking to utilize a dedicated, private shortcode for their SMS campaign. Contact us for info and pricing.

Carrier Connectivity

Connected with all Tier 1 and Tier 2 wireless carriers in the U.S. We’re also expanding our SMS connectivity internationally.

High-volume Message Throughput

If timely message delivery is mission critical for your brand, you’ll use Clearstream. Our platform delivers a minimum 250 messages/ second. Industry average is about 40 messages / second through shortcodes. Higher messages throughput rates (up to 1k/sec.) available.


Clearstream’s REST API enables you to integrate powerful SMS into your brand’s apps and software. View documentation

Legal & Carrier Compliance

Navigating shortcode SMS compliance can be challenging, at best. Clearstream removes the hassle and complexity of it. We work closely with U.S. carriers to ensure that our customers' campaigns are compliant across all wireless networks.

Enterprise Support

We provide some of the best support you will find anywhere. Get quick-turnaround support via phone, live chat, email, or even Twitter.

Forward Thinking

We’re constantly developing and improving our product. Partner with a company that’s not only growing fast, but forward thinking.