SMS Marketing Software Features

Features that make sense.
Features that make your life easier.

Send messages

  • Ultra fast SMS delivery

    Send a message to thousands of opted-in subscribers in seconds. Messages are sent at a rate of 250 texts/second, ensuring quick delivery.

  • Shortcode text messaging

    Use a common shortcode (5-6 digit number) for your customers to text to and receive texts from. Our shortcodes are connected to all major and most minor wireless carriers in the U.S and follow TCPA and carrier compliance.

  • Dedicated local numbers

    For small group, non-marketing communication. Dedicated numbers can be used in place of a keyword/shortcode for communicating with small groups of employees, volunteers, etc. Dedicated numbers are only available with paid monthly plans.

  • Schedule messages

    Schedule out your future messages, down to the minute. (And don't worry, subscribers who opt-in to your list after you've scheduled your message will still receive it).

  • Social integration

    Connect your Clearstream account with Facebook and Twitter and push your messages all from one place.

  • Free incoming messages

    All incoming messages, such as when a subscriber replies, are free and do not deduct message credits from your Clearstream account.

Grow your lists

  • Keywords

    Create one or more custom keywords to collect subscribers. Each keyword has its own auto-response message, which is immediately sent back to the subscriber after they join through that keyword.

  • Website forms

    Give your website visitors the option to join your list right from your website. Website forms can be fully customized to fit the needs and style of your website.

  • List importing

    Import subscribers from your current SMS provider or CMS. Note that while subscriber lists can be imported into your account, there are strict requirements.

  • API

    Collect subscribers by integrating SMS marketing into your existing application or workflow using our REST API. View documentation

Manage subscribers

  • Unlimited lists

    Create separate lists for different typs of subscribers. There is no limit to the number of lists and subscribers you can have in your account.

  • Email capture

    Capture email addresses via text message. Subscribers can respond with their email address, tying it to their data in your account.

  • Detailed subscriber data

    View individual subscriber data such as name, mobile number, wireless carrier, opt-in date and source of opt-in. Easily edit subscriber info such as first/last name and email.

  • Export subscriber lists

    Export your subscriber data at any time with one click. Your account data is yours, and never shared with a third party.

Smart Inbox

  • Receive incoming text responses

    Receive incoming text messages from your subscribers. Subscribers can reply to message, auto-responses, and any other texts sent from your account.

  • Two-way messaging

    Respond to any incoming message right from your Inbox. With Clearstream, you can go from mass messaging to individual threaded conversations with your subscribers through your Inbox.

  • Organized team communication

    Give your entire team access to your Clearstream account. With multiple users, you can track who responded to which Inbox message to prevent subscriber communication overlap.

  • Incoming message notifications

    Get notifications for all new incoming messages. Be notified via email, push notifications or webhooks.

  • Quick subscriber info editing

    Need to add an email address or change the name of the subscriber you're having a text conversation with? Make changes quickly from within your Inbox.

Track performance

  • Real-time metrics

    View second by second data for each message you send. See delivery rates, incoming replies, and opt-outs in real-time.

  • URL click tracking

    Track message URL clicks. See when and how many subscribers clicked your link.

  • Opt-in source analytics

    Get a quick view of your best performing opt-in sources. Are your website forms outperforming your keyword opt-ins? Key data helps you make better, more informed decisions.

  • Opt-ins / Opt-outs

    See when and how many people opted-in to your list(s), where they came from, and how many opted-out.

  • Message delivery rates

    Ensure that your messages are being delivered. When a subscriber fails to receive your message or a number is no longer active, we’ll remove the subscriber from your list.

  • Incoming subscriber replies

    With almost all SMS campaigns, there are incoming responses from subscribers. You can easily track and keep tabs on subscriber responses and feedback.

Powerful API

  • RESTful design

    Our API is designed around REST principles, making it easy to understand and quick to deploy.

  • Webhooks

    Choose one or more URLs and be notified immediately based on certain events, such as when one of your keywords is used. You can even trigger a response. More info

  • Customizable

    Need a certain feature, but can’t find it? We are always expanding the capabilities of our API based on customer requests. Get in touch and we’ll find a solution.

Mobile app

  • iPhone app

    Download our free iOS app to manage your Clearstream account right from your iPhone. Send messages, manage your Inbox, and track account performance. (Android app coming soon.)

  • Login from any device

    Our web-based software is responsive and compatible with any tablet or desktop. Simply login to your account from our website.

Legal compliance

  • TCPA compliant

    Everyone hates spam. The TCPA implemented by the FCC helps prevent spam via text message by enforcing a strict set of rules that all providers must abide by. Clearstream's SMS marketing software is TCPA compliant.

  • CTIA & MMA compliant

    We follow the shortcode texting guidelines set forth by the CTIA (Wireless Association) and the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association). These guidelines help ensure legal compliance for all text messaging programs.

  • Tier 1 U.S. carrier compliant

    All major (Tier 1) carriers have their own set of guidelines for text messaging programs going through their network. We work closely with U.S. wireless carriers to ensure compliance on each network.

  • Account compliance

    All text messaging programs are required to provide easy methods of unsubscribing. We go a step further. Even if a subscriber doesn’t reply with a standard opt-out command, our system flags for removal any negative incoming messages.