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Posted on May 31st, 2013

Moving to Stripe for credit card payments

* Occasionally, I like to feature software and services that we use and love here at Clearstream.

Stripe is an innovative, full-featured and all-around pain free service for accepting credit cards.

Like most companies, when we started Clearstream several years ago, we used a traditional merchant account provider for processing credit card transactions. We explored a few alternatives at the time, most notably Paypal, but nothing provided the convenience, control and customization ability that we required like a traditional merchant account. Paypal was easy to setup, and the fees were competitive, but the complexity of their API and the lack of control over transaction processing was a deal breaker for us.

While our merchant account served us well for a time, allowing us to store credit card information securely, and process transactions as needed, there were several recurring issues:

I could write pages on everything that our merchant provider did wrong, but let me focus on what Stripe does right.

Stripe is a breath of fresh air in the crowded world of credit card processing.

We at Clearstream have no hesitation in recommending Stripe if you are looking to accept credit card payments for your website or application. If you're a developer like us, it's a great API to use -- you'll fall in love! If you're not a developer, Stripe effortlessly integrates with Xero, Harvest, and Gravity Forms for Wordpress, to name a few of our favorites. They even have a very simple solution for quickly accepting donations or payments on your website. Of all the integrations we've done, and of all the software and services we routinely use, Stripe is one of our absolute favorites!