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Reach Your Customers Right Where They're At

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Text Your Customers

Quickly send or schedule a message to your customers who have opted-in to your list through our web-based software or iOS app.

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Website Signup Forms

Give your visitors the ability to opt-in right from your website. Create a custom signup form in seconds or use our REST API for advanced integrations.

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Live Campaign Metrics

Measure the performance of each message you send to your customers. Track deliveries, message replies, and opt-outs in a live, second-by-second view.

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See how text messaging can help your business

SMS Pairs Perfectly with Email

The average email open rate is around 25%. SMS, 97% (who deletes a message without first reading?). Text messaging, however, doesn’t replace email. They both have their place in a small business marketing and customer communications toolbox. Want to give a short summary of that email newsletter you just sent? That’s where texting comes in. And that’s where Clearstream comes in.

Reach Your Customers Where They're At

The one device no one leaves home without is their phone. With texting, you can be sure that your customers are reading your message. Immediately.

Quickly Gather Customer Feedback

The Clearstream platform not only enables you to run SMS campaigns but to also communicate with your customers one on one through our Smart Inbox. If you’re looking for a simple solution to gather customer feedback and comments, SMS may be the answer.

Perfect for Live Events

Texting is the perfect communication channel for live events. Let attendees know of upcoming meetings or schedule changes. Even better, manage everything on the go with our iOS app.

Build Better Customer Relationships

Whether it’s delivering great promotions via text, or listening and helping customers through a text-enabled help line, the Clearstream platform gives you the power to deliver better experiences for your customers.

What our customers say about Clearstream

Using Clearstream has been fantastic! It allows us to interact with our community in an organized and effective way.