Texting Software for Churches & Non-Profits

Clearstream does for texting what MailChimp does for email.

Powerful Texting Software For Your Church

Churches of all sizes across the U.S. use Clearstream to communicate with their members, visitors, staff, and volunteers via text message. With a simple yet powerful web-based software and iPhone app, we make texting work for churches.

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Send Mass Texts

Communicate instantly with your members via text message. Send event reminders, last minute schedule changes and emergency alerts through our web-based software or iPhone app.

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Two-way Messaging

Enable members and visitors to text-in their prayer requests, comments, or questions with our Smart Inbox. You'll be notified and can respond to any incoming messages.

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Online or Mobile App

Manage your Clearstream account from your desk with our web-based software and on the go with our iPhone app.

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We make connecting with your
members really, really simple.

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Immediate Communication

Clearstream provides an online text messaging platform for churches, as well as a powerful iOS app. You can instantly communicate with your church members, staff, volunteers, or visitors via text message. Easily create segmented lists to send messages to only specific groups.

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24/7 Prayer & Help Text Message Line

Enable members and visitors to text their prayer request to your church, anytime throughout the week. You’ll be notified each time a new message is received and can respond immediately to the person needing help or asking for information.

Clearstream continues to be an excellent partner for The City Church. We connect with more than 10,000 people up and down the West Coast on a monthly basis via text while maintaining an opt-out rate of less than 1%. Their team elicits feedback, implements our suggestions, and clearly communicates best practices that translate into our success. We love Clearstream and look forward to continuing our relationship as the church continues to grow.

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Remind Members About Your Events

Worried about turnout for your event this weekend? Send a text message reminder to your church members and visitors. They’ll receive it immediately and can easily reply with any questions.

Complement Your Email Marketing

Email is a tried and true way to communicate with your members. But did you know that only 25% of your emails are opened and read? And how do you instantly tell everyone about a last minute schedule change? Members are either unaware of or forgetting about events happening at your church throughout the week. Texting can help!

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Clearstream does for texting what MailChimp does for email. It’s active, instant communication. It’s what this generation expects, and for our church it’s the future of how we reach people.

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Enable Mobile Giving

Extend online giving/donation functionality with text-to-give. Direct members to your website’s online giving page with a simple text message. Members can text in anytime to tithe or make a donation right from their mobile phone.

Emergency / Disaster Communication

Churches and non-profits are some of the most effective organizations when it comes to emergency disaster relief. Use text messaging as a way to quickly gather and organize teams of disaster relief volunteers.

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